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Image of From Just Desert To Just Desert

From Just Desert To Just Desert

46"x 52" oil sticks, acrylics, spray paint, oil pens, white out, tape

This was another huge surface space i found sitting in the trash room of my building. Typically everything i find there (to paint on) offers this unusual feeling of, nothing's sacred in which, i don't feel as if i need to be as "precious" about not only the beginning of a work, but almost the whole duration of it. This really allows me to just get right into something without any real hesitation or worry. I also feel as if it can strip the idea of a trajectory from the process, resulting in even more experimentation and ultimately a general trust of of oneself whether trying to communicate something or not! Anyhow, I was really into Michael Myers and Squeeky Fromme from the Manson family at the time and made several pieces surrounding the stories of both. This particular one was the funnest, largest, and best executed in my opinion. Ironically, I don't have as much of a story or objective necessarily as i do with some of the other work that resides in this family of ideas and people but again, i find it to "speak" the most and, i find it to be the most aesthetically pleasing..

Image of From Just Desert To Just Desert