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Image of HAZE XXL/MARX (collaborative series) 1 of 9 "Make It Witchy"
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HAZE XXL/MARX (collaborative series) 1 of 9 "Make It Witchy"

14"x 17" ORIGINAL.

This is the first of nine collaborative pieces by Haze XXL and Adam Marx. Generally mixed media throughout, each body of work implements Haze's block printing/Lino cuts with the cacophonous spew of Marx's.. "anything goes" approach (spray paint, silkscreen, acrylic and oil typically). This unique series of 14"x 17"s were made during the latter half of 2019 and were specific to the "Inky Psyops and Printed Schemes" show that took place on January 17th 2020 at LaLa Land gallery, Los Angeles. The show featured artists: Haze XXL, Mackie Osborne, and Adam Marx with music performed by the Melvins and always amazing Void Manes.

With work mainly centered around the infamous, Amphetamine Reptile record label, owner Tom Hazelmyer and company dedicated the show to premiering new, original pieces (and prints) in conjunction with offering several newly released Lps from bands on the label as well. All together, a wide variety of creations made their collective debut that night.

Ultimately, a wide range of art, music, and very limited merchandise filled the LA gallery and possibly represented one of the last times many of those in attendance had to celebrate an arm to arm event.. As life has become more deadly and annoying, it also marks the first time we've posted what's left of the series up for purchase! We sincerely hope you enjoy.. Eat up!!