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The Skinny

Hello fine friends, Adam (Marx) here! I just wanted to preface that i've been dreading this "About" page for so long now that i really feel like i should just launch this sucker and work on it as i go.. I very much hate copping out like this but i do promise to have something within the month. Hopefully the info will be worth the wait. I sincerely hope so because I feel like I’m involved in some pretty cool projects and also get to work with a bunch of equally cool people from time to time..

The basic facts here are that i can’t seem to commit to just one thing, ever.. I love creating everything from painting to toys, from toys to electronics, electronics to “jingles” (for product advertisement), even landscaping the garden that I keep out in back of my studio! I certainly don’t consider myself a master at any of these things but that’s ok with me.. I have no problem being “the student” to all my interests and endeavors. It’s probably more fun that way anyhow.. 

That said, I remember being on a tour overseas when I was 24 years old and getting into a fight with this particular band mate. It got so ugly that I took off on foot down this really skinny mountain road that connected most of the smaller cities that are scattered across northern Italy. I’ll never forget walking through this area that looked down into a really beautiful valley with a stream at the way bottom. I remember it being incredibly tranquil and the air even seeming perfumed a bit. I just sat there thinking though.. Man, I’m broke, I stink like shit, and I hate this guy I’m playing with! What am I doing with my life?! So, what ended up being so amazing was that within seconds, I was overwhelmed with these thoughts of if I hadn’t started playing music and painting, I probably would’ve never traveled too far outside of Fargo, North Dakota (where I’m from). I never would’ve met the people that years later are still my good friends, and I probably would’ve never had the luxury to have lived and accumulated all these crazy memories and stories that you get to have only when you pick a bit of a different path in life so to speak. That moment while breathing in that air and looking down into this beautiful valley I decided that it was ok to make music that people struggle with.. It’s ok to create art that’s sometimes funny if not even subversive and basically, it’s ok to fail at making any of this a career... I remember that day because that was the day I started having fun again with being creative.. That was 14 years, 26 tours, and 18 albums ago and as difficult as all this can get, I’d like to say that I still feel positive and am definitely ready for another adventure..!   

I'm mainly known for the music i write in the band "Seawhores" but I also play in a myriad of other bands that are active and release material on a fairly regular basis. I’ve been playing in bands and composing music for over two decades now and have been lucky enough to have just over 40 albums under my belt with about 20 of them being vinyl Lps. Very lucky I feel without a doubt.. As time goes on I’ll be putting up more music here of all the various projects I do and all housed under the “MARX Presents” umbrella. I actually have an Lp coming out this July (speaking of) on Learning Curve Records which I’m very excited about! I work with several different labels from Minneapolis (where I live/the labels: Amphetamine Reptile Records and Learning Curve) all the way to NYC (Death By Audio Records) all the way to Vienna, Austria (Rock Is Hell Records)..! Due to the nature of the music I write, which is typically very loud and abrasive, these labels will do limited runs of anywhere from 300 to 500 Lps. They’re typically collectible because of the art and packaging and sell out quickly because of the clout of each label. Soooooo, basically this site will act as a home for me to put all my personal copies, extras, and any archives I’d like to get rid of out into an area that makes life quite a bit easier for me to manage! This and bandcamp will theoretically be the two venues that I use so come to think of it, if you’re interested in something i do but don’t have a record player... I’ll have it up on bandcamp right ready to download! 

With most of the focus throughout the years around music, I've spent an almost equal amount of time painting and working in the visual arts. This whole site is basically designed as a way for me to cultivate interest within the visual realm, create possibilities/opportunities for myself, and theoretically unload some work! I have been fortunate enough to hang and sell around the country with the occasional album cover commission or licensing but nothing like this. Having this "store" and tailoring its focus around my visual work is a first. It's taken long enough but better late than never i suppose. As much as i enjoy writing music, throughout the past year i've really switched gears into painting. Both however are things that not only offer me personal gratification during and upon their completion but also a huge therapeutic release while dealing with how life seems to unfold for me. Mostly good..

The long short here will essentially read a little like a resume and a little like the story that is my life. It's an interesting one and i really can't complain. My apologies about this page being a little disjointed (for now) but at least it seems like an alright launch pad to build upon.. Thanks so much for visiting me and i hope this little bit of information will suffice for at least a couple of weeks while i make iterations and post more art and albums. Have a lovely day and my most sincere gratitude..