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Image of "Freedom Fromme Squeeky B"

"Freedom Fromme Squeeky B"

17"x 42" acrylic, oil, tape, white out, ink

This, much like "The Sobering Mountain of Faith" that's listed within this product page is made from 3 individual 14" x 17" pieces all combined and fixed to a deep wooden box i constructed in conjunction with the work. Most of the thin lines are actually painters tape that was used to mask off other areas where work was done. It also consequently was one of the most difficult "paintings" to keep clean (white) I've ever embarked on! An incredible amount of effort was put into discovering better ways to use tape and execute various ways of stenciling. However, with that, the amount of mistakes and "spillage" that were made while attempting this remain historical in all my time painting! All said, The finished product is one of my favorite pieces with regard to creating flow in a piece as well as using many different methods to execute the same thing. That, basically meaning, most dense areas are tape yet, there are multiple images in this that are essentially the negative of the tape and, other similar looking areas are painted "free form" or even stenciled. I have to say, this one was a beast..

I struggle with creating these descriptions and definitions of each piece so if you have any questions about the process or work itself, please feel free to ask!

Image of "Freedom Fromme Squeeky B"