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Image of Kool Aid at Heaven's Gate

Kool Aid at Heaven's Gate

19"x 16"x 3/4" Acrylic, spray paint, fabric silk screening ink, etching
What started off as a thick plank of wood, cut to exacting size and put under a turntable to dampen resonance, very serendipitous in essence, turned into a fairly loud piece of art?! Yes...? No?!?!

Whatever.. I've been experimenting more and more with taping parts of my work off to get these incredibly clear/straight lines. I feel like they emphasize certain areas of my strengths, and certainly areas in which I'm trying to improve upon.. The "perfect symmetry" with beauty and fault....

I also thoroughly carved into this piece and.. quite literally.?! Etching into certain work after the fact also adds this really interesting organic juxtaposition for me.. The etching is starting to take form in other areas of my life but, here's a great example as to my initial "playing around" ended up resulting in a piece of work that most definitely would be (radically) different without each suggestion left by an engraving pencil..


Image of Kool Aid at Heaven's Gate